Thursday, 13 September 2012

Why LED Lights Could Bring Back The ‘On-All-Night’ Mentality For Car Park Owners

Ever since the introduction of the mandatory Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme in 2010, over five thousand companies throughout the UK have had to seriously consider their approach towards energy consumption. The scheme’s aim is to lower C02 emissions by a whopping 80% by the year 2050 and its terms call upon so-called ‘high energy-intensive’ companies to manage their energy usage more responsibly.

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It’s clearly a great initiative that’s transformed the carbon footprint of many businesses up and down the country, but how has its policies affected the habits of those who admitted to a safe yet costly ‘on-all-night’ approach to car park lighting?

For many years, businesses actively encouraged their staff to leave their car park lights on overnight, certain that doing so would deter criminals from entering the site out of hours and provide their customers with a heightened sense of security. As a result, car park owners are now renowned as some of the biggest offenders when it comes to ‘wasting’ energy, with many preferring to stick to their old ways regardless of their new legal obligations simply because it ‘makes sense’.

Despite the prevalence of this out-dated mentality, the more environmentally responsible car park owners currently operating in the UK have had to explore other ways of safeguarding their property in order to avoid substantial fines. From installing night-vision CCTV cameras to employing dedicated security staff during the early hours of the morning, companies have tried everything in their power to set the minds of their customers at ease and have been living under the assumption that leaving lights on after dark is simply too expensive and risky as they continue to operate under the watchful eye of the CRC programme.

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"Reduce energy consumption by upto 90%
However, there could be a light at the end of the tunnel. Using LED lighting allows businesses to lower their emissions in line with CRC requirements, yet leave their commercial car park lights on well into the evening.

LED Car park lighting can reduce energy consumption by upto 90% and in addition to their eco-friendliness, a well manufactured LED fixture can last up to ten times longer than traditional fixtures.

The LED lighting industry is continuing to launch new innovations that can transform highly populated commercial areas, such as car parks, into safe havens for staff and customers alike, and best of all, these new products are becoming more affordable year on year as manufacturers benefit from economies of scale.  

In light of all this information there’s simply no reason why car park operators shouldn’t consider investing in LED car park lighting. Who knows, perhaps city streets and car park lots will again be illuminated 24/7 thanks to the vast improvements being made to this technology. Mark our words - LED car park lighting will be considered the ‘norm’ in no time at all and will pave the way for a more lucrative business model for car park operators that’s not set back by the rising costs of energy.